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SPACE inc.

January 1984

Katsuaki Takizawa

JPY 25,000,000


Head Office

(Development Dept, Quality Dept., Sales Dept., Production Control Dep., Metal Mold Production, General Affairs Dept.)

1-21-47 Iguchi, Mitaka-City, Tokyo 181-0011 Japan


Phone:  +81-422-31-8180

Fax: +81-422-31-8220


13601 E. Whittier Blvd., Suite 305, Whittier, CA 90605, USA

e-mail: yuki@spacecomusa.com

Phone: +1-562-696-0378

Fax: +1-562-696-0797



Ootawara Factory


2117-1, Minamikanamaru, Ootawara-city, Tochigi 324-0012 Japan



Commitment to quality improvement and environment protection

SPACE inc. is ISO9001 certified and makes positive efforts for quality improvement.

• ISO9001 certified

We comply with the RoHS Directive.

• RoHS Directive compliance

We design, develop, and manufacture (glass processing, coating, moulding of plastic parts, substrate mounting, silk printing, metal part processing), as well as sell lenses for CCTV, surveillance cameras, machine vision and IP cameras, consistently in our factories in Japan.


The in-house integrated production system enables us to eliminate indirect costs and to meet our customers' high demands with a swift response and tight delivery times. Having all the processes in the one company enables us to ensure seamless quality control. We pride ourselves on being "A lens company who offers an efficient and flexible service" and "A lens company who is willing to handle customers' requests" at all times.


We have tackled the challenge of developing plastic engineering and moulding technology, and have been a pioneer in this industry. We can readily produce metal parts which are difficult to process because of their form and requirement for a high level accuracy with stable volume and short turnaround times.

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